My Favorite Books!

I love all of my books,believe me guys I love all of them! and when somebody asked me what are my favorite books,I was having a hard time deciding which are my favorites because I love all of them,they are my babies, but in the end I’ve got to choose my favorites by ranking and it’s not yet final because who knows I’ll pick some good books in the future that might beat these rankings right? So let’s start…



The Mortal Instruments Series by: Cassandra Clare

This series is so so supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! I finished the series last summer 2014 and also it’s prequel The Infernal Devices last February 2015. Really, I was blown away by its wonderful events especially its surprising twists. It was super intense that you will have weird changing of emotions every-time you read these freaking oh,so awesome books! You might want to jump right into the books and join the Shadowhunters world. I cannot wait for its TV series to air and of course to know the casts soon.



Harry Potter Series by: J.K. Rowling

Of course! This series is the one who motivated me to read more and more and more books. I read the series when I was in 6th grade and got stuck with it until now and I strongly believe and hope that there will be some sequel arriving these coming years. The books are so magical and full of moral lessons to learn especially from our beloved Headmaster Professor Dumbledore.



Caster Chronicles by: Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

I was really wondering why I did not discover the series earlier. As I said with my last review,the story is progressing in every book of the series. The events are so unpredictable that it came to a point that I spoiled myself due to excitement. Your emotions will drive you crazy when you read this series. You must take a deep breath before you jump in this world.


under the never sky trilogy

Under The Never Sky Trilogy by: Veronica Rossi

I read a lot of dystopian series and I Iove them of course,but this is my favorite dystopian series. It has a very fast paced events and very romantic characters. Again I warn you, please don’t spoil yourself when you get excited reading this series and Roar is mine okay?



Along For The Ride by: Sarah Dessen

Best reads especially for summer, but eventually I read the book during Christmas. This book is not really heartbreaking but it’s more on growing up and understanding yourself and your parents. Teenagers like me can relate with the characters and you’ll find yourself satisfied after reading the book.

So I hope you enjoyed reading this blog and don’t forget as well to leave your thoughts down below. Also,tell me what are your favorite books? I hope for more books to read and books to love in the future.

Check out the books here:

the mortal instruments

harry potter

beautiful creatures

under the never sky

along for the ride

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