Ruby Red by: Kerstin Gier BOOK REVIEW!


This book was beautifully written by Kerstin Gier.
I heard about this book from Sasha Alsberg’s booktube, We all know her right? She’s the best. Anyway, After hearing this book from Sasha I immediately searched the book. I was very thrilled with the book when I read about it’s plot. This book is filled with Mystery,Fantasy, and of course Romance. This book is set in Europe which I love most. What I love about this book is that you can relate easily with Gwen’s character and also it’s all about time traveling and it was the very first book I read about time machines which was awesome.

Gwendolyn Shepherd is just a simple school girl who belongs in unusual family. What I mean by unusual is that one of their family members inherited a unique gene that can makes one travel into the past, and that family member is Gwen’s cousin Charlotte. But then life changed for Gwendolyn when she discovered that she actually was the one who inherited the gene and not Charlotte added she met she met the guy Gideon de Villiers.

Gideon, this guy is one most girls will fall for. Long black hair,green eyes, and certainly a Mr. Know-It-All, but his arrogance is a major turn off. (But he’s still cute.) Gideon became Gwen’s partner in every time travel she had. At first they can’t stand each others presence but as the story goes by they developed some feelings towards each other.

This of course already has a movie version.  Now comparing the two,the movie was certainly different from the book in so many levels but obviously the book is so much better. Lastly, you’ll be meeting a cliffhanging ending which will make you desperate to read the second book. By the way, as a fan of Victorian dresses, I envy Gwendolyn so much because she always wear them whenever she travels back in time and she just get those dresses for free. This book is also filled with swoons especially with the last remaining chapters. I cannot wait to read the second book which is entitled as Sapphire Blue. I cannot wait for the story to become SUPER intense and of course to witness Gwendolyn and Gideon’s romance. This book is worth it to read, I swear to the River Of Styx!

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