My TOP 5 Female Characters from Books!

Hey Guys! We all have our own favorite female characters in every book that we have read right?, So here I am again and I am going to share to ya’ll my TOP FIVE FAVORITE FEMALE CHARACTERS!


1. Ridley Duchannes from Caster Chronicles/Beautiful Creatures Series

 YES, GUYS I AM NOT INSANE BUT SHE IS MY MOST FAVORITE FEMALE CHARACTER OF ALL TIME! You may hate her because she’s dark but deep inside she has some light in her heart. Her confidence made everyone intimidated which was kinda cool despite her taste in fashion and of course her rude personality,but seriously her rudeness is just for a show. She’s a total badass and very hot. “Third-Degree Burn.” according to Link.

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2. Clary Fray from The Mortal Instruments Series

 A red headed girl with green eyes is perfection for me. (not in that image though, I’m referring the Clary in the books.) She’s very stubborn yet a very caring person. Even though she knows that she’ll be in a grave danger she still risked her life to save all the people she loves. She never gives up and she can easily cope up with her surroundings even if it’s hard for her.


3. Margo Roth Spiegelman of Paper Towns

 She may be a black sheep in her family but it doesn’t stop me from loving her. She’s not that bad of course, you just need to understand her clearly why she did those things. She’s very mysterious and very good at covering her emotions and keeping her own secrets. You cannot predict what’s going on with her brilliant mind and trust me I find her a badass too.


4. Hermione Granger of Harry Potter Series

 Our very brave Miss Know-It-All. Some people may be annoyed because of her brilliant mind but as for me I do not find it annoying at all. Her loyalty to her friends is very remarkable, even though lots of complicated things was happening she still trust her friends and their friendship grows stronger than before. She’s very understanding and she has a very kind heart.


5. Brenda Despain of The Maze Runner Series

 What I love about her is her impulsiveness towards Thomas. Gosh, she really got that strong personality that will make your mouth hanging while reading. She’s very clever and also careful when it comes to business. In the book,she has a pretty long brown hair which we will not be seeing in the movie which is kinda sad.


I hope you enjoyed reading this blog as I enjoyed writing this. Don’t forget to leave your thoughts down below and of course have fun! 🙂

Interested with the books? Go check it out here!

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                         the beautiful creatures                       the mortal instruments

 6442769   5668268

                              paper towns                           harry potter boxset


the maze runner trilogy

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