My Top Five Book Boyfriends!

Hey guys! I’m so excited to share my TOP FIVE BOOK BOYFRIENDS.

As we can see we all read lots of books and yes every book contains sizzling hot boy characters, but there are some characters that will really stuck in your head and go on dreaming and daydreaming about them everyday, I may be exaggerating with EVERYDAY but who knows right? So let me start with……


1. Augustus Waters of The Fault In Our Stars

     Yes, indeed Augustus Waters is my Top One. Well, what I like most about him is his charisma with people. Even though he has illness he’s still very much optimistic. Smooth and charming and well for me a little bit cocky that made us swoon. This made us swoon even more when we saw Ansel Elgort played his character. The character totally fits Ansel.


2. Peter Pevensie of The Chronicles of Narnia

 BURRRRNN! His leadership skills and bravery is very amazing. He may get a little bit overwhelmed being the “High King of Narnia” but he can lead properly. His love for his siblings is very remarkable that it made me wish that I have a brother like him. His character was played by William Moseley which we also knew that he was supposed to take the role of Aspen Leger in The Selection TV Series but unfortunately it was canceled.


3. William Herondale of The Infernal Devices Trilogy

 When we are reading,our imagination is at work obviously, so for me when I read this trilogy, William Herondale is being played by Douglas Booth. Will is a very romantic and a kind of person who takes love very very seriously. He even risked a lot of things just to prevent her loved ones to be hurt especially Tessa Gray and one thing we all love about him is his love and passion for books so yeey!


4. Jace Herondale of The Mortal Instruments Series

 Alas! another Herondale. Jace and Will definitely have some similarities especially when it comes to love,friendship,and of course with DUCKS. I love how Jace play his narcissistic ways it’s not even annoying but instead I find it very hilarious. We all know Jace gets annoyed with Simon at first but as the story goes he developed some soft spots for Simon. I don’t know why I am talking about Simon instead of Clary don’t get me wrong guys it’s just that I find them both very hilarious again ? especially when they have each others company.


5. Aaron Warner Anderson of Shatter Me Trilogy

” Alex Pettyfer for Aaron’s character.” says my imagination. Ever heard of this series guys? I bet you have, at first you may be pissed with Warner’s character but as the story flows of course the truth is always coming. To be honest at first you may fell with Adam but suddenly you realized that Adam is not your type but it’s Warner because of the sudden changes. Just like Juliette eh? but it really happened to me.

So guys that’s all thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it, Don’t forget to leave some comments down below and tell me who’s your TOP FIVE BOOK BOYFRIENDS and why?

  If you’re interested with the books go check it out here:

11870085  11127   20759464

   the fault in our stars        The Chronicles of Narnia              the infernal devices14367051     10429045

         the mortal instruments                          shatter me

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